There are many benefits of using a Rye Bay Estate Agent

The smaller independents are often more motivated to engage and promote your aims diligently. With a local reputation and many valuable local relationships every client represents a serious business opportunity. Find the one you gel with and they will help to make your move go as smoothly as possible.Image by Clive Sawyer

In an ideal world.

All agents will truthfully advise on the price you could realistically achieve and not overvalue your home just to win your business. Discuss the marketing plan and then once agreed will market your property as if it were their own.

Whilst some people may have the perception that it’s simple to sell a property, there is an incredible amount that can go wrong if you lack the experience. A good agent will arrange and conduct viewings and may often want to you “be available” to add the personal touch if needed. They will spot the “tyre kickers” before you do will and make sure all buyers are properly vetted and ready to buy.

Negotiating the best price for your property is as much about timing as about the price you complete at. What about fixtures, EPC requirements and a good floor plan? Regardless of their fee structure agents are obliged to act in your best interest and with experience it can make the fee look modest at twice the price.

A Rye Bay estate agent is more likely to keep supporting you and your sale process all the way through exchange to completion. Few things are more disappointing than to be abandoned after the buyer has been found, only to resurface upon completion with an invoice.

Image by Clive Sawyer

Piece of Mind comes with a Rye Bay Estate Agent

A smaller independant estate agent is more likely to have in place the systems to call you every week to 10 days with an update, even if it’s by email it takes away the stress when you are well informed about activity levels.

The independant Rye Bay Estate agents will be upfront and honest when it comes to associated services (such as mortgage brokers and conveyancers) from which they may possibly earn a referral fee and will be more likely to pass on all good offers.

In Summary – yes you can buy and sell without an Estate Agent but do you really need the stress ?