Should I Sell my home privately?

Yes – at least you should try, it’s not complicated. Below is an example of how it could work.

Get started from your sofa
Day 1 – 9pm Register to create an account

Simply register and submit your property details.  We can help if needed with local photographers, data entry on the site and EPC & floor plans. An EPC costs between £50 and £120 and needs to be available

Add as many as 48 images and a video of your home, again we can help if needed.

Describe your home in terms of how it works. Why you like it. Mention the great local facilities and your nice friendly community.

A Floor Plan helps buyers get a feel for your property before getting in touch. A Video if well presented will showcase your home 24 hours a day. We can help and support you at all times.

Conveyancing – No sale, no fee, on conveyancing when you do not alter the instruction.

Day 2 – 9am We check your text and images.

A picture tells a thousand words. Avoid images with people and pets in them.  Clear the work surfaces, use nice bright images.

You can always change the images once they are online at no extra cost.

What does it cost? You pay only £100 to list until sold. Don’t want to pay £100 then pay only £1 to list the property and then pay half a percent on completion !

If you later instruct an agent we cancel our percentage fee agreement – we think any exposure to dual fees is deplorable make sure you never agree to this when instructing any agent.

Be social

We harness the energy and enthusiasm of vendors, and partners on social media.  Start telling friends you are selling and pack those items away. From now on behave as if you could have a potential buyer asking to have a look.

With our service you can show buyers around, or you could take on the services of another person, such as an estate agent, and pay for their time to show people around.

With our service you can show buyers around, or you could take on the services of another person, such as an estate agent, and pay for their time to show people around.

We are keen to harness the energy and enthusiasm of vendors

Day 2 – 11am  Having approved the listing and we’ve had a chat to make sure you are happy.

Now that your property is online we can (if you want) show you how to promote the property. No one is going to make as much effort as an owner faced with saving thousands of pounds in fees.

Be social – tell a friend – Are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest or any other social media platform?

The fact is that you know people who know people. Social media has a greater reach than local advertising

Our site is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other services. You may want to offer incentives to family and friends to promote your property. You are now in control, let’s get your property sold. Getting involved in promotions is optional.


We have a team ready to help if you decide you want a full on marketing campaign.

You find a buyer!

Use our revolutionary conveyancing solution. It’s a fact that you agree the price a lot sooner when buyers and sellers talk to each other.

Now let our award winning conveyancing team take over and get you moved. If your property is just like hundreds of others in the area go for our no sale no fee option. In certain circumstances such as flying freeholds or complicated leases it may be wise to use a local solicitor with detailed local knowledge.

On average our conveyancing system saves 14 days! Use the savings to decorate your new home.

On average in 2016 homes took 57 days to sell. When you see homes sell in less time you need to question it. If your home is under £600,000, in a popular area there is a buyer looking for it now. Selling a home in a week and paying £3,000 or more in fees no longer makes sense. How will you use your savings ?

You tried to sell but…

Now is the time to instruct a Local Independent Estate Agent, get to know them before instructing them, are they social and engaging? Can you talk with them and do you feel comfortable.

Instructing a local Independent Estate Agent in the knowledge they are going to earn their money feels good. They bring value and experience to the process. Local Independent Estate Agents are highly skilled and motivated to help you find a buyer.

There are many reasons a property does not sell. Price Location, Presentation, Personalities etc.

We work with the leading independent local agents who understand and respect the changing face of estate agency. It is well worth discussing your property once you have tried to sell yourself.

Your Local Independent Estate Agents will know motivated buyers, great photographers and house clearance and maintenance teams.