Houses for sale by owner. A simple to use, flexible and mobile responsive portal with a professional support mechanism. The property portal is not “instead of using Estate Agents” it’s a precursor to instruction. As the global economy goes digital we make it simple to make it easier to sell directly.

Owners are able to maximise their property potential whilst buyers can achieve a competitive price due in part to the lack of fees.

Since 1995 we have been selling items on Ebay.  Registered users upload and describe items they want to sell once they have set a price. The property portal operates on the same concept.

The digital disruption caused by the launch of the IPhone launched just 10 years ago in 2006 saw the start of the process. Today almost 40% of the Worlds population to have mobile internet access.

It’s a Buyers market!

Well presented properties with a reasonable price under £700,000 tend to move quickly.

Vendors can list the property themselves whilst our team stand ready to assist if needed. Many people believe properties that sell in less than a week are too cheap. When a sale takes longer than anticipated then subject to getting the level of viewings owners should consider reviewing your price or what’s included.

Once you have tested the market yourself then speak with your local independent estate agent. We have many excellent agents prepared to help.

If you think this sounds like hard work, can you remember setting the video for your parents? Great then ask your teenage children to create the listing for you.

In 2017 you will see a great many more Houses for sale by owner as the reality hits home that it’s a buyers market.  Now is the ideal time to sell a well priced home without the included costs of agents and solicitors who cannot afford a no sale no fee policy.

2017 will see local independent Estate agents making more fees from consultancy than ever before whilst the dinosaurs will see fee income decline at a pace they had not anticipated.