There are a number of key sites well known as being identified as ripe for development as well as smaller plots around the Rye Bay area not always within the town itself that are available quietly.

If you are a business or a developer with a desire to invest in Rye Bay then please register and get in touch as we may well be able to make an introduction and also direct you to some excellent sources of funding.

Sites exist for Supermarkets where a need has long been identified as well as Retirement homes developed by reputable developers of course.

Larger sites exist that would be ideal for considerably larger investments where long term strategies require a reliable footfall in a popular area reasonably close to London with capital appreciation an inevitable outcome. We will ensure your enquiry is dealt with at the highest levels at Town District and County level.

Retail opportunities exist not only in the High street, Cinque ports street and other high footfall areas such as the Strand and Wish ward and of course hilders cliff. The surrounding villages of Iden and Playden also offer excellent opportunities for the right type of sensitive development.

We work with all of the leading local Estate Agents who have properties that are listed here but only visible upon invitation. If you have a specific requirement please contact the agents listed below or contact us with your requirement and we will ask on your behalf is anonymity is important.