How to list your property

How do you list your property for sale without paying a percentage based fee ?
Visit select “Register” this will require a valid email address. The system will send an email to you that requires you to validate the link ( click on it ).

You will now be able to upload images of your property, floor plans, any EPC Certificates you have and even a video walk around of your property.

The property will not “Go live” at this stage, you will always be able to edit the entry. If you want help doing this please give us a call as we will be able to create the entry for you. Call us for a chat if it sounds complicated on 01797 360 170

What will it cost to list your property?
Pay a one off fee of only £100 and your property stays online until it is sold, this is done by using PayPal once you are happy with your listing.

How can I make sure the property is marketed
The local property portal works with social media to help promote your property.

How many times have you seen someone list their property with an estate agent and then the owner shares the link on Facebook! This is simply madness, you are already paying a significant fee and you are doing the marketing. With us you pay only £100 and then can market the link on as many social media platforms as you want.

If you property does not sell or you want to work with one of our partner estate agents who may well offer discounted rates then we will be pleased to put you in touch with a local friendly agent who may well get you onto the national property portals.

Looking to buy a property in Rye or sell property in Rye or for land in the Rye Bay ?
Email you can also register with us and our team will help you with your requirements.  We are happy to accept your property directly from your preferred estate agent.

Are you looking for property for sale in Rye or property for sale in the Rye Bay area? Not all properties for sale are publicly visible.